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Our services are for you if you want to live with more self-awareness and greater self-management skill. Mindful choices therapy is for you if you want a fuller, richer, happier and healthier life where you consistently make conscious, values-driven choices rather than compulsively pursuing temporary fixes and unfulfilling habits. MCT is for you if you want to achieve and maintain optimal wellness and well-being.

What's the difference between wellness and well-being? Wellness is about a focus on physical health while well-being is about "total" health or holistic health. Well-being is more than the physical and includes additional aspects of your life such as emotional, psychological, intellectual, social, relational, nutritional, community, and spiritual health.

When we focus on any of these aspects while excluding others, the result is often frustration and unhappiness. Programs that promise weight loss, financial success, or better relationships often conflict with other important areas of our lives. For example, consider how a preoccupation with one's career can interfere with other important areas of life such as relationships or health. We often see problems that our clients present as really symptoms of a life out of balance.

Mindful Choices Therapy is a holistic approach that has evolved through many years of clinical practice. Years ago we realized that traditional treatment modalities aimed at reducing distress didn't go far enough in creating lasting emotional balance and well-being. Our clients wanted more. They wanted to thrive. We developed MCT in response.

Thus, mindful choices therapy was created out of our recognition that well-being and thriving are multifaceted and rooted in developing more positive choices and habits. When mindful awareness is coupled with making great choices and systematically practicing those healthy choices to the point of powerful and enduring lifelong habits, well-being and thriving result.

You can't change anything you're not aware of and we will guide you in developing mindful awareness upon which to make great choices, leaving autopilot responses behind. Mindfully practicing conscious and intentional choices leads to neuroplasticity, actual changes in your brain. With continued practice great new positive habits are developed. This is the basis for Mindful Choices Therapy.


We listen to you, we assess your needs, help you figure out what habits and behaviors are getting in the way, and together we formulate life-transforming goals. We make it clear to you how to achieve those goals step-by-step. Then we systematically coach you in removing obstacles and realizing positive change and growth.

A positive future awaits you. Start the journey now. The best is yet to come.

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